Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Mary Sunshine

I find watching myself age to be fascinating
New lines seem to appear on my face every day
And there is something indefinable there that reflects age

I try to remind myself of how, when I was young
I often admired the lovely beauty in the faces of older women
I didn't even see their wrinkles
Or if I did, they didn't detract from their beauty

But I look back in the mirror at my own face
And see only tired lines and flaws and drooping flesh.

But I do like the precious metal that is multiplying in my hair!
The streaks of gleaming silver against the dull brown.
But then the voice in my head that I call "Little Mary Sunshine"
Says: "You know they are that color because the hair follicle is dead.
Dead.  Dead.  Dead.  All of you is dying, a little at a time.
You'll never be young again!  You had one chance at life.
And you screwed it up!"

Then I say: "Shut up, bitch."
And I walk away from the mirror.

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