Monday, January 24, 2011

"The Oklahoma Family Farm" Project

So... lately here I've been trying to think of things to do to get myself out of the deep blue funk that has been getting deeper and bluer for some time now. 

One idea is to see if I can get a TNR program started in Enid.  TNR stands for "trap, neuter and return (or release ~ I've heard it both ways)."  We have a fairly large feral cat population in our little downtown.  I'm not sure how to go about starting up such a program.  I guess talking to the local S.P.C.A., our only no-kill shelter might be a starting point.

Another idea was to get together with a pianist friend and work up some pieces to perform at the "Cabaret Night" at our local community theatre.  But I'm kind of chickening out on that one because even though the pianist friend kindly agreed, she did admit that she gets asked all the time.  And I don't want to take advantage of her.  And secondly she told me that the songs I had in mind (maybe some Janis Ian or Carly Simon) were not like anything that had been done for past Cabaret Nights.  Well that comment gave me visions of certain folks laughing behind their hands that I was trying to change Cabaret Night into Karaoke Night.  I'm feeling too fragile to expose myself to ridicule that way.

The last idea is "The Oklahoma Family Farm" project.  I'd like to travel around the state and take photos of some of the beautiful old falling down farmhouses that litter our countryside.  I mentioned this idea to Phill and even he is enthusiastic ~ he took the camera with him over to Stillwater today so that he could take pictures of a couple that he had in mind that he thought I might want to go back and photograph.  But who am I kidding?  I'm no photographer.  Hell, I can't even hold the camera steady half the time when I'm trying to take a picture.  I'll take ten pictures of a subject and maybe get one that is decent.  Plus, these houses are scattered everywhere across the state.  It would be hours of driving.  And if I were going to do it right, I might want to try to get some at a sunset or a sunrise or just before or after a thunderstorm.  But I can see these photos in my mind.  There are a handful of houses I already know I want to photograph.  I've seen them many times on commutes I've had to make to work or school.  And they are falling down.  One day they won't be there any more at all.  So someone should photograph them.  Why not me?

I need to do something. 

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