Monday, December 28, 2009

Freakishly Strong Index Finger

Funny story... but it's kind of one of those "you had to be there things..." I have a tendency to be morose and a bit of a hypochondriac... okay so that's a major understatement but this is MY blog so I can say what I want!

Anyway... for some time, late in the evenings I was having trouble just double-clicking my mouse. Of course I thought I was losing the strength in my right hand. Figured it was because of all of my self-abuse of smoking, drinking, not eating right, not getting enough sleep. Thought, "ahhh... now I'm so weak I can't click a mouse!"

So, mom came for Christmas... She gets on my computer... and she hollers: "Hey! Your mouse won't work!" :~? So I go to her and say, "yes it does! See?" and I click on a few things. And she tries again but... nope, she can't make it work. So I put my hand over hers on the mouse and demonstrate: "See? It works!" And mom says: "Wow! You are pushing really hard!"

Turns out my mouse was "dying." So rather than losing strength in my right hand I was actually giving my index finger one hell of a workout! I now have a freakishly strong index finger! LOL! We laughed a lot when I told her of my previous concerns.

Later, when she asked for something to open the pimento cheese jar I took it from her and just opened it with my hand. I told her it was that "freakishly strong index finger!"

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